The Start of a New You

Tucson’s Largest CrossFit Facility

Welcome to CrossFit Now, Tucson’s premier CrossFit facility! We love seeing you become the true athlete you were born to be, regardless of your background or previous ability. We don’t let you get away with saying words like "I can’t," because we really believe that everyone is capable of more than they ever dreamed possible.

With CrossFit Now's unique programming, anyone can CrossFit. We have all shapes and sizes, all ages (even seniors up to 67 years old!) and everyone from soccer moms to doctors. Workouts aren’t too complicated, either—just choose to scale any of them to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for a competitive CrossFit gym to help you get to the CrossFit Games, CrossFit Now has sent individuals and a team to The Games and Regionals every year since we opened. We’re sure we’ll quickly become your favorite place to WOD.

Find your momentum

Our Facility

CrossFit Now’s huge 18,000-square-foot facility is the place for a caring community and excellent coaching. Once you see our expansive facility and top-notch equipment, you’ll see why we’re the largest and best CrossFit facility in all of Tucson. It also helps that locally our owner/head coach Michael is known for winning the famed CrossFit Games Masters Division. Yes, we’re a competitive gym, so if you want to take it to the "next level," this is definitely the place for you. However, don’t let our size, equipment and competitiveness intimidate you—we still have a small-box, community-minded mentality that is welcoming to members of all ages, sizes and skill levels. Whoever you are, you’re bound to fit in!

  • The new facility is top-notch, the class/gym atmosphere is accommodating and fun, and the trainers have always been on point and helpful. My brother has become a member there and loves it. If you are in the Tucson area and looking for a workout, CrossFit Now should be your first stop!

    Tommy Marquez

  • Great coaching, community, and athletes. Coaches go over every movement, every class. Proud to be part of this great community of athletes.

    Randy Lane

  • I went in not knowing what to expect. Something new can be so intimidating when you’re not in your best shape. All i knew was I didn’t want to fail but i was humbled. You will learn everything from step one. It’s nice to start from the bottom because you can only go up from here. It was one of the most wonderfully, challenging workouts of my life! You have to be ready for a positive change, physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m sure this program will change your life. The staff and members are awesome, too. Good luck!

    Andrea Rivera

  • This is an awesome box! They have plenty of weights, bars, and equipment to accommodate everybody's needs. I like how they look after newcomers. I'm in my 50s and find myself exceeding my goals here. The coaches and clientele make the moderate investment worth it!

    Kevin Hyneman